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Culture Night Kerry

Culture Night Kerry


Book Launch of ” Traditional Music of Iveragh” by musician Peter Mullarkey and guests
under the auspices of ComhchoisteGhaeltachtUíbhRáthaigh
Tech Amergín, AnCoireán
066 9474888

Communications on Iveragh from the Stone Age to the present
We have Rock Art inscriptions form the Neolithic Era, Ogham writing from Early Medieval Ireland, and even a runic inscription made by the Vikings.  In more recent times there was construction of Lighthouses, Napoleonic Era Signal Stations, the Valentia Transatlantic Cable Station and the World War II Lookout Posts.  Our rich history of Communications is visible as an integral part of our landscape and marine environment.
Tech Amergin Community Arts & Education Centre, Waterville
066 9478956

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