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Culture Cinema screening in May – ‘The Olive Tree’

Culture Cinema screening in May – ‘The Olive Tree’


Culture Cinema night takes place on the last Thursday of every month and will run until July 2017. All screenings at 8pm. Admission €5 each.
In association with Access Cinema, Dublin. Please click here for the full Spring / Summer 2017 Culture Cinema programme.
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The Olive Tree Thursday 25th May
Director: Icíar Bollaín / 100 minutes, Spanish/German/English/French 2016, Cert: Club
From the pen of Paul Laverty, comes a heartfelt and warm family drama about reconciliation and hope. Lena’s family, from austerity-hit Castellón region of Spain, is struggling. Her grandfather once the proud owner of an Olive farm has withdrawn into himself. Her father and uncles fight among themselves about what the future could hold. Impulsively Lena set forth on a journey to recover her Grandfathers Olive Tree, which has been encased in the headquarters of a soulless German Multinational.

Lena journey is a spiritual quest to reconcile her families past and to provide light to her grieving Grandfather. Uplifting, passionate and delightful, The Olive Tree is a film about hope and honouring past generations and a belief in the strength of familial bonds.

‘This film The Olive Tree contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.’


Seattle International Film Festival 2016 / Munich International Film Festival 2016 / Sydney Film Festival 2016 / Miami International Film Festival 2016


“A deceptively simple drama about a family and its thousand-year-old olive tree that is rooted in the best cinematic soil there is — emotional truth…” – Jonathan Holland, Hollywood Reporter

“… universally appealing, grafting gentle comedy, bristling social consciousness and a salty-teared streak of family tragedy … “-Guy Lodge, Variety