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Marianne van der Horst solo exhibition in July

Marianne van der Horst solo exhibition in July

IMG_0452 Tech Amergin Exhibition July 2017

Marianne van der Horst  ‘And So The Story Starts’

Official opening on Saturday 8th July 7pm (on display until the end of August)

Born in the Netherlands. Developed in Kerry where I discovered my Passion for Art. The difficulty arises in expressing the beauty as seen with the naked eye in Art Form. Inspired by colour, texture, words. Trying to capture the ever changing memories from the dept of my mind will hopefully explore onto the canvas as each piece on-folds in an Abstract way.

The Subdued Tranquility of my Surroundings, contrast with the reality of this unsettled world. In turn it inspires my Art.

My main inspiration came from the time spent with my sister towards the end of her life were she inspired me to continue in my further education in Art. Non of this would be possible without the help and understanding from Pieter and my daughters. Special gratitude goes to the teachers in Tech Amergin.