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Trad evening with Tim O’Shea & friends

Trad evening with Tim O’Shea & friends

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Tim O’Shea & friends promoting his new CD ‘another skin too few’

Saturday 23rd September 2017 8pm

It can also refer to the literal skin(s) or layers of an onion. Using this idea, Tim says he modified it and was inspired by a documentary on English folk singer Nick Drake, called “A skin too few”.  Nick’s sister referred to him as not having enough (onion) “skins” to survive the vagrancies of life.  Sadly, it can be common to overlook the music of local musicians and their valuable contribution to the tradition and local music, until they are gone.  Presented here you will find a contribution and choice of local music, shaped and influenced by local musicians. In some small way, Tim & Friends honour and remember them and their versions of the tunes.  Sadly the musicians commemorated here, are now gone from us, all too soon, but their music and song lives on.  The musicians remembered are, Paddy Cronin, (Killarney & Boston), John Cronin (Aghadoe & New York), Steven Carroll (Kilcummin), Con Durham (Dublin & Dingle). Tim’s “friends” on this CD feature Kerry musicians: Rosie Healy – Headford, (Flute, Whistle & Harmony Vocal) and Michael D. Kelliher – Fossa (Accordion, Melodeon & Harmonica). Tim is Producer and provides a musical thread on (Guitar –lead & rhythm, Vocal – lead & spoken & Bodhrán). There is a mix of tunes and songs, including one original song by Tim, and an original spoken word piece by Belfast Poet Adrian Fox. This is Tim’s fifth CD.

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Tickets €10. Pre-booking essential on 066 9478956 /