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Mala & FyrMoon in Tech Amergin on Saturday 30th September

Mala & FyrMoon in Tech Amergin on Saturday 30th September

waterville Poster Mala

Mala (vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitar) grew up in a musical home, with daily playing and singing by her parents. She started her classical violin education at the age of 9, and trained her voice in regular singing lessons. Inspired by her mother’s record collection, she fell in love with American and Irish folk music. At festivals, she participated in jams and sessions to learn about fiddle playing.

Mala performed with various folk bands in Switzerland, choirs, orchestras and theatre projects. Recently, she opened up for the Kruger Brothers and shared the stage as a guest with Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley. In 2014, she was awarded a workshop scholarship by the European Bluegrass Music Association (EBMA).

This spring, Mala spent three months in Austin Texas USA. The folk music community over there inspired her to refine her songwriting skills and to grow in her musical career.

Stefan (vocals, guitar, dobro, mandolin, bass) was raised in northern Germany, where he learned about Bluegrass music by listening to a distant FM radio station in Hamburg. Leaving a deep impression, he began to play 5-string banjo at the age of 15 – with no teachers around, no internet yet, just instructional books and records. He finally met like-minded musicians, and trained his musical skills at jams and bluegrass concerts. His former bands include bluegrass- und acoustic rock projects in Germany, Switzerland and San Francisco. He lately produced a grassy folk album of his own.

Vincent (vocals, bass, guitar, percussion) spent part of his childhood in the french speaking corner of Switzerland. He has played bass with various folk, rock and pop bands.

Vincent composes thoughtful and entertaining songs in english, french and also greek –  and he does not give in before a new song is well arranged! Intricate timings like 7/8 are one of his passions. Vincent is one of the rare acoustic bass players who uses the instruments body for percussion.
Their last album ”On The Run” is a bucket full of fresh music with vocals and tight harmonies that will light a ”fyr“ in your heart. No commercial music, no big show, but unique to the core – don’t miss out!

“…more than their individual contributions as singers, songwriters and instrumentalists, it is the musical interplay, the well-arranged original compositions and the interaction with their audience. They immediately won their audience’s hearts at their Folk in Heaven concert”
Stephen Ferron, Article in „Country Style” magazine

Tickets €15 / €12. Pre-booking essential on 066 9478956

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