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Documentary of ‘My Name is Joan’ on Thursday 26th October 8pm

Documentary of ‘My Name is Joan’ on Thursday 26th October 8pm

doc poster‘My Name is Joan’ (First screening in Ireland)

Film by Margaret Stapor Costa

Thursday 26th October 8pm

The documentary will be followed by a Q& A with Susan Drew

‘My Name is Joan’ tells the story of Susan Drew, a woman who was born Joan Fagan to an
unwed mother in the St. Patrick Mother and Baby Home in Dublin, Ireland in 1949. While the
documentary chronicles Susan’s journey to find her true identity, it also highlights the illegal
exporting of children by the Catholic Church to families in other countries for profit while the Irish
Government looked the other way. The Irish Government still denies adopted children access to
their information even though forced adoption affects at least a quarter of the Irish population. In
2015, an inquiry into Mother and Baby Homes was launched and the results are due out in
2018. Many believe the inquiry will not shed light on what really happened to mothers and their
children in these homes, and the Government is dragging their feet and hoping the issue will die
as the people who were directly affected or engineered the illegal adoptions die.

Tickets €5. Booking on 066 9478956