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Guru McAleer Makes Kerry Apparition

Guru McAleer Makes Kerry Apparition

fanlight2Kevin McAleer – Guru

Saturday 17th November 2018 8pm

Ireland’s self-styled ‘biggest lama’ Kevin McAleer will appear in Tech Amergin Arts Centre in Waterville on November 17th. The Tyrone comedian’s latest stage persona takes the form of a highly enlightened guru, who travels around the world giving talks, advanced self-awareness courses, and TV chat show appearances to promote his extensive range of self-help bestsellers.

‘I’m the man who puts the mindless fun in mindfulness,’ explains McAleer, in his trademark deadpan style. He is keen to point out, however, that the joke is not at the expense of people who practise mindfulness or alternative therapies. ‘I’d have no friends left if that was the case; no, it’s more about so-called gurus and experts who claim to have all the answers, who will try to bottle happiness and enlightenment, and sell it to you at a very fancy price.’ He has watched hundreds of YouTube videos by now, and read dozens of self-help books, to pick up ideas and capture the tone of the shifty guru character.

Pre-booking essential on 066 9478956. Tickets €20.


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