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“Spellbinding, Riveting, Shocking, Heart-Breaking and Inspirational”

“Spellbinding, Riveting, Shocking, Heart-Breaking and Inspirational”

Truth and Reconciliation Platform (TARP)

A Personal Appearance and Visual Presentation

Miami Showband Massacre Survivor Stephen Travers

Thursday 26th Sept. at 8pm
“A once-in-a-lifetime event not to be missed” Viv Young, screenwriter, author and reviewer for New York Journal of Books


Viewing the Netflix “ReMastered” documentary, prior to the event, is recommended.

Adm. €10 in aid of Truth & Reconciliation Platform

On January 30th 2016, four victims of the conflict in Ireland spoke at a unique event in central London. While the occasion provided victims, from very different backgrounds, a platform from which to share intimate, personal testimony of real-life experience, it also presented the previously unaware audience with a rare opportunity to consider the appalling consequences of politically motivated violence. It was, at once, shocking and inspiring but the unprecedented, highly-emotional reaction of all present left us in no doubt that such a powerful experience had to be shared with a wider world.

On that day, the Truth and Reconciliation Platform project was born to afford every victim of the conflict in Ireland, north and south, an opportunity to tell his or her own personal story: History must not be rewritten or distorted nor should the true testimony of those who lived it be redacted for Truth is the DNA of Civilization.

Every Truth and Reconciliation Platform event clearly illustrates that no side has a monopoly on suffering or loss and delivering that message without rancour or malice, comprehensibly defuses acrimony and stimulates constructive dialogue rather than recrimination and counter-recrimination.

The founders of Truth and Reconciliation Platform know, from personal experience, the terrible consequences of terrorism and fully understand the heartbreak of losing loved ones in such awful circumstances but, in order to witness the futility of violence and to evidence the real value of peace, we need your help: With your support, this unique and historic project can help create lasting peace and genuine reconciliation through “talking and listening and learning from each other”.

Endorsements & Recommendations

“I’m delighted to support you in every way possible with the important work of Truth and Reconciliation Platform…don’t hesitate to contact me should you need any assistance”  – Charlie Flanagan, Irish Minister for Justice and Equality

“On behalf of The Secretary of State, I would like to commend you and your colleagues for establishing the Truth and Reconciliation Platform. The valuable work that you are doing in the field of reconciliation; where victims and survivors can share their personal experiences of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, contrasts greatly with the intention and efforts of those who carried out the (Miami Showband) attack that day. I think it is a great tribute that you have carried on this work.” – Jonathan McAdams, Head of Legacy Policy, NIO

“I’ve known Eugene Reavey for many years and his timely association with Stephen Travers is helping to heal many wounds. The valuable work of Truth and Reconciliation Platform for victims of all persuasions cannot be understated and I am eager to assist this project at every opportunity.”  – Dr Rory O’Hanlon, Former Ceann Comhairle of Dáil Éireann

“Truth and Reconciliation Platform is as powerful and effective a project as I’ve witnessed in many a year and although Eugene Reavey and Stephen Travers already know too much about suffering, they’re using their own experiences to help others in a unique and genuinely compassionate way.”  – Seamus Mallon, Former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland and former Deputy Leader of the SDLP



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