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Author Talk & Book Signing ‘Celtic Crossing': An Inspirational Suspense Novel with Very Local Roots

Author Talk & Book Signing ‘Celtic Crossing': An Inspirational Suspense Novel with Very Local Roots

Celtic Crossing Waterville Event Flyer 9-9-2019 | Tech Amergin.p‘Celtic Crossing’ by Len Mattano
An Inspirational Suspense Novel with Very Local Roots

Saturday 2nd November 2019 8pm

For generations Aideen Callaghan’s ancestors were miraculously cured of cancer through the power of a holy relic—the very relic that inspired the Celtic cross—until it vanished from history in 1866 and became Irish lore. Raised on faith but with an inheritance of death, Aideenhas been at odds with religion since losing her daughter to a brain tumor. Now it is her orphaned grandson who lies dying. In desperation Aideen turns to popular American author and New Testament era scholar Fr. Kevin Schaeffer for help. Armed with a priceless family Bible and the sacred pendant worn by Aideen’s beloved great-grandmother—the last to be cured—Kevin
abandons his sabbatical research in Dublin and sets his sights on finding the relic in time to save the child.
In their search for clues from Armagh, to Skellig Michael, to Rome, the historical trail from Golgotha to Gaul is slowly revealed as Kevin, his lifelong Vatican friend
Marco, and a passionate would-be Irish seminarian uncover truths that ultimately reshape their lives.

“Wistfully beautiful . . . one woman’s heart-rending journey toward faith . . . a priest’s quest to find a relic. Celtic Crossing opens our eyes to the possibility of miracles and what it truly means to have faith.” —John Jude Palencar, master American artist for Game of Thrones – A Song of Ice and Fire calendar, The Inheritance Cycle, The Lord of the Rings, and others

“A vast tapestry of inter-woven stories that link the past with the present, the saint with the sinner, the living with the dead, Celtic Crossing invites the reader on a quest to find the true Cross. To read this novel is to embark on a pilgrimage that takes us to an unexpected and holy place.” —Suzanne M. Wolfe, award-winning novelist, author of A Murder by Any Name, The Confessions of X, and Unveiling

Len Mattano is an author and physician who led a pediatric hematology/oncology program in southwest Michigan for eighteen years. In 2009 he and his family moved to coastal New England, where he has focused on drug development, research, and writing. He is an avid photographer and devotee of the arts, history, philosophy, and theology. When not home in Mystic, Connecticut, Len and his wife work from their strictly seasonal cabin in East Boothbay, Maine.

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