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‘Celtic Crossing ‘ Author Talk • Reading • Book Signing

‘Celtic Crossing ‘ Author Talk • Reading • Book Signing

Celtic Crossing Waterville Event Flyer 9-9-2019 | Tech Amergin.p‘Celtic Crossing’ by Len Mattano
An Inspirational Suspense Novel with Very Local Roots

Saturday 2nd November 2019 8pm

Aideen Callaghan and her grandson are the last of a long Irish lineage plagued by cancer.
The boy now lies dying. Desperate for a miraculous cure, she sets a historian priest and a
shepherd seminarian on a quest to find the holy relic that inspired the Celtic Cross—but disappeared
to history in 1866. It is a quest into the unexpected.

Len is an author and physician who led a childhood cancer program stateside for many years. He and his family moved to coastal New England in 2009,
where he has focused on drug development, cancer research, and writing.

Video Please Click Here | FB @LenMattanoAuthor

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