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Spring 2017 Programme of Courses (Accredited & Non-Accredited)




QQI (FETAC) Accredited Courses
These courses are run under the Back To Education Initiative (BTEI) part-time programme, and provide learners with an opportunity to gain a QQI (formerly FETAC) accreditation. BTEI courses are free if you are in receipt of a social welfare payment or have a medical card, or did not complete the leaving certificate. These courses range from level 3 up to level 5. PPS numbers must be submitted prior to starting all BTEI courses.

All courses require a minimum number so therefore all classes must be booked and paid for before the course begins. Start dates will be confirmed when we have enough interest to make the course viable. Further information, on any of the courses listed in this programme, is available from the centre on 066 9478956.

Arts & Crafts

Pottery For Beginners Monday 10am – 1pm
If you always wanted to try Pottery, love to play with clay this is the right course to start with. Get creative and learn the basics about techniques and designing a 3D piece. You will develop your creativity and use your imagination. Fee: €75 (conc. apply). BTEI, QQI level 3 3N1045. 13 weeks. Anja Gnauck

Stained Glass & Mosaic Thursday 10am -1pm
Design and create your own unique stained glass panel for your home. You will learn the techniques of glass painting, leading glass, copper foil work and mosaic. You will use recycled glass to create jewel like additions that can be used in your panel or object. Fee: €150 (conc. apply). BTEI, QQI level 5. 26 weeks. Roisin Ní Chionnfhaolaidh

Woodwork Thursday 10am – 1pm
Students must have experience in working with wood. Fee: €150 (conc. apply). BTEI, QQI level 5. 26 weeks Susanne McCarthy

Learn To Sew Thursday 10am – 1pm
In this course you will learn how to sew and make household textiles and simple garments, while learning basic sewing skills. Learn how to follow a commercial paper pattern and make a trousers or skirt. You will need access to a working sewing machine. Fee: €75 (conc. apply). BTEI, QQI level 3. 13 weeks. Ena Sweeney

Creative Pottery Friday 10am – 1pm
Trigger your creativity, use your imagination and learn to design your master piece. The course covers everything from documenting your first ideas to applying and learning technical skills to master materials. Fee: €150 (conc. apply). BTEI, QQI level 5 Design Skills, 26 weeks, starting in March. Anja Gnauck

Combined Materials Friday 10am-1pm
Combine woodwork and a variety of materials, finishes and techniques to create a beautiful and unique piece… or two! Some previous woodworking experience preferable. Fee: €150 (conc. apply). BTEI, QQI level 5 5N0764. 26 weeks. Susanne McCarthy

More Advanced Learn To Sew Friday 2 – 5pm
This course is suitable for last year’s level 3 students or people who already have a certain level of sewing experience. You will use commercial patterns but learn how to adjust them to your own measurements. You will make a dress and a jacket for assessment. You will need a working sewing machine.
Fee: €75 (conc. apply). BTEI, QQI level 4. Ena Sweeney

I.T. & Design

Desktop Publishing Monday 2 – 5 pm
Unleash your creative side and learn Desktop Publishing Skills: Create compliment slips, headed notepaper, cards, flyers, business cards for your Office or business Fee: €75 (conc. apply). BTEI, QQI level 4 4N1854. 13 weeks. Eithne Garvey

Information Technology Tuesday 10am – 1pm
Thinking of working in an office or as a receptionist, this course covers almost everything you need to know to work on an office computer, including: finding and saving your files, typing, word processing, internet & email. Fee: €75 (conc. apply). BTEI, QQI level 4 4N1125. 13 weeks. Eithne Garvey
Digital Photography Tuesday 7 – 10pm
The purpose of this course is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the theory and practice of digital photography. Learn how to expose photographs correctly by using the right settings. Apply the correct digital editing tools and practices to produce high-quality final images. Experiment with various elements of composition. Illustrate individual creativity through the practice of photography. Fee: €150 (conc. apply). BTEI QQI level 5 5N1270. 26 weeks. Michael Herrmann
Bookkeeping Manual & Computerised – this course will commence in Autumn 2017.

Child care / Health care

Occupational First Aid Saturday 25th February, 4th & 11th March 9.30 – 5.30pm
Skills learnt include CPR, Defibrillation, managing choking, seizures/convulsions, heart conditions, stroke, wounds & bleeding and much more which you may encounter at home and in the workplace. This course will include Cardiac 1st Responder Emergency training. Fee: €75 + €10 manual (conc. apply). BTEI QQI level 5 5N1270. 3 weeks. Maura O’Connor

Creative Arts for Early Childhood
The purpose of the award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in facilitating child’s learning, development and well-being through the provision of creative opportunities; to enable the learner to devise experiences, activities, interaction and materials with regard to the age and stage of development of the child utilising varied media, art and craft, drama, music and any other creative endeavours. Fee: €150 (conc. apply). BTEI QQI level 5 5N1769. Please contact the centre for further information.


Non-accredited short courses
Adult Education (AE): Self-financing programmes covering a wide range of hobby and professional courses.
Community Education (C): This programme aims to provide locally based education programmes that are responsive to the local community’s needs at affordable rates.


All courses require a minimum number so therefore all classes must be booked and paid for before the course begins. Start dates will be confirmed when we have enough interest to make the course viable. Further information, on any of the courses listed in this programme, is available from the centre on 066 9478956.

Arts & Crafts

Pottery for House and Garden Monday 2 – 4pm (AE)
Create and design something for your home and garden in clay. The course is suitable for learners with or without experience. 6 weeks, € 70 plus €20 material. Anja Gnauck

Art & Design for the Active Retired Monday 2 – 4pm (C)
Come along, enjoy and challenge your creative side! Suitable for all students at all levels. Work at your own pace. 8 weeks. Fee: €40. Bernie Kennedy

Creative Writing Monday 10.30am -12.30pm
Develop your creative writing skills on this course, which will cover imagery, metaphor, and observation in your personal writing. We may explore different mediums to develop your writing skills in several genres including fiction; poetry; life writing; and script writing for film, radio and stage. 10 weeks. No fee. Lesley MacVean

Woodwork for Fun Monday 7 – 9.30pm (C)
Join a group, learn new skills, make some friends and create something both for your community and for yourself! 10 weeks. Fee: €45. Susanne McCarthy

Pottery for House & Garden Wednesday 10.30am -1pm (C)
Meitheal Amergin programme. 10 weeks. Starting 18th January 2017

Arts & Craft with a difference! Wednesday 2 – 5pm (C)
Have fun, be creative, learn how to marbel paper, paint on slate, card making, create seasonal decorations and colourful collages. 6 weeks. Fee: €40. Róisín Ní Chionnfhaolaidh

Mosaics for the Garden Wednesday 10am – 1pm (C)
Design and make a mosaic on stone slate wood. using colourful mirrored mosaics, recycled glass and crockery. Create a unique piece for your garden and help to create a new sign for outside Tech Amergin. 6 weeks. Róisín Ní Chionnfhaolaidh.

Create Sensory Tools & Garden Equipment (Cunamh House) Thursday 1.30 – 4pm (30min tea break) (C)
Join the team and enjoy working together with a group of young adults with special needs creating garden art and recycled projects from pallets, tyres etc. Tea break and fun included! 10 weeks. Outreach programme. Susanne McCarthy

Make your own Tea Set Thursday 5 -7pm (AE)
Learn to work on the potter’s wheel and to make your own tea set. Suitable for beginners and people with experience who want to develop their skills. Students will learn to decorate, glaze and finish the ceramics as well as some basic hand building techniques. 6 weeks. Fee: €70 plus €20 pp material. Anja Gnauck

Knitting And Crochet Friday 10am – 12noon (C)
This is a class for all levels and experience. Lots of projects can be attempted and it is a good way to improve your knowledge and experience in a relaxed and supportive setting. A wide selection of patterns and stitches can be learned. 9 weeks. Fee: €40. Ena Sweeney

Exercise / Self-improvement

Gentle Swish Ball Tuesday 10.30-11.30am (AE)
Beginners exercise class with the support of your rotund partner ‘Swiss Ball’ to develop core strength, improve posture, flexibility, fitness. 6 weeks. Fee: €35. Lesley MacVean

Pilates Tuesday 11.30am – 12.30pm (AE)
Moderate form of exercise that can improve balance, flexibility, circulation,
posture and help you to relax. Pilates is similar to yoga but with a greater focus on strengthening the core abdominal and back muscles, which help keep the body balanced and are essential for providing support for the spine. In particular, Pilates exercises teach awareness of breathing and alignment of the spine, head, neck and shoulder blades. It incorporates strengthening of the deep abdominal muscles, which are particularly important in alleviating and preventing back pain. Pilates is beneficial for just about everyone – regardless of age and fitness level. 6 weeks. Fee: €35. Lesley MacVean

Teacht le Cheile Tuesday 2 – 4pm (C)
Fun class comprimising creative movement and dance. After our fun session we are all ready for a cuppa which is the highlight of the afternoon. Popular class. 10 weeks. Fee: €30. Bernie Kennedy

CTMindfulness Tuesday 6 – 7pm (AE)
CTMindfulness is a very simple effective form of meditation. Learn body scanning and healthy breathing practices in a peaceful environment.
It begins the process of putting you back in control of your life. 6 weeks. Fee: €35. Lesley MacVean

Pilates Tuesday 7 – 8pm (AE)
6 weeks. Fee: €35. Lesley MacVean

Yoga Wednesday 7.00pm – 8.30pm (AE)
6 weeks. €55. Lesley MacVean

Yoga for Men Wednesday 8.30pm – 9.30pm (AE)
8 weeks. Fee: €45. Lesley MacVean

Belly dancing Thursday 7 – 8.30pm (AE)
Exercise for woman, enjoyable and beneficial. All ages welcome! 6 weeks. Fee: €50. Anja Gnauck

Tai Chi Chen Style Taijiquan (tai chi chuan) (AE)
An enjoyable & effective way to reduce stress & creating balance and harmony. Avoid mental & physical stress with flowing movements, deep breathing and tension release
A low-impact internal martial art, suitable for people of all ages and state of health sometimes referred to as meditation in motion. It requires no special equipment or clothing and can be practised almost anywhere at any time, alone or with others.
Some of the health benefits range from: realigned posture, improved balance, reduced blood pressure, increased flexibility and muscle development, increased blood circulation and improved immunity. A different & fun way to get fit and healthy. 6 weeks. Day, time & fee to be confirmed. Gerry Kennedy

I.T. / Design

Make the most of your iPad/iPhone Wednesday 10 – 11.30am (C)
Use Apps for scanning, share your downloads with others, syncing your ipad, track your kids, find interesting and useful apps, Set up family sharing carefully. Share those photos with family and friends and so much more. Learn how to use the iCloud. 6 weeks Fee 30. Eithne Garvey

Adobe Lightroom 6 Monday 7 – 9pm (AE)
Organise and edit your digital photos with Adobe Lightroom to create slide shows, photo books, prints etc… In this course you learn all the basic options and settings for a good workflow. The new features like HDR photography and panorama photo will be covered in this 6 week class. Fee: €70.
Michael Herrmann

Computers for the Less Terrified Day & time to be confirmed (C)
This class will develop the computer skills learned at beginner level. The course will give the learner more confidence using the Internet and provide
helpful tips for everyday computer use such as transferring photos from a digital camera to a computer etc. 6 weeks. Fee: €35. Eithne Garvey


Learn to speak Spanish Evening to be confirmed, 7-9pm(AE)
Interactive course part-using the internet. 10 weeks. Fee: €120.



Please contact the centre for a brochure or other information.

T: 066 9478956