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Spring 2019 Arts & Cultural Programme

Please click here for our Culture Cinema schedule for Spring/Summer 2019


TS piggy A4 POSTERTortured Soles Exhibition

Tech Amergin Waterville 25th March – 18th April 2019

(open Monday to Friday 9 am – 3.30 pm)

Tortured Soles is a collection of un-wearable shoes and women’s delusions. Tilby’s stilettoes and platform shoes are laden with meat, perforated with spikes and sculpted in dung, critiquing today’s ever-higher heels which twist, strain and cripple, Fact: 80% of foot surgery is performed on women in the U.S and U.K.

Please click here for further details



BD poster pic

Bothering the Dead! postponed until July 2019. 

Songs, Stories, Rants and Revelations – all in one very unique performance!

A Reckoning with the Ancestors

Written & performed by Catherine Cunningham

Saturday 13th April 2019 8 pm NEW DATE TO BE CONFIRMED

When Catherine receives an unusual transmission from a tomato plant, she is forced to reconsider the legacy of being part of a good and decent Irish Catholic family.  She reluctantly agrees to its request that she sing the song of the natural world “on whom you depend for everything that you have and everything that you are.”

As the song unfolds, she rapidly finds herself mired in a world of liars, emperors, sorcerers and astronauts – with an interventionist granny hovering in the background.

She discovers a generations-deep conspiracy to banish the natural world from her seeing, and ultimately finds herself in a confrontation with her long-dead Granny – and the proud line of women who came before her.

These women lure Catherine down through the pain of her cultural and family herstory and then into her own personal psyche where she is shown how she too has made a bargain not to see – and how this has cost her “the seeing of her eyes and the living presence of love”.

Highly irreverent and deeply spiritual, Bothering the Dead is an ecospiritual journey of healing and reconciliation culminating in a message from the ancestors that unless we remember our true relationship to the world around us, we will bequeath a terrible legacy to coming generations.


Tickets €12. Booking essential on 066 9478956.



Album Launch
Tuesday 16th April 2019 8 pm

The Loafing Heroes are launching their new album Meandertales on April 13th in the Bello Bar, Dublin, April 16th, Tech Amergin, Waterville and in the Music Box in Lisbon on April 19th. The album was recorded at UFO Studios in Berlin.

With members from Ireland, Italy, Germany, USA and Zimbabwe, the cosmopolitan dream-folk group merge strikingly original lyrics with soulful melodies from autoharp, viola, bass clarinet, guitar, concertina and percussion in this their sixth album.

Irish-born and raised, and now Lisbon-based, bandleader Bartholomew Ryan conveys a subversive idea of ‘loafing’ through his lyrics. His vision of hope and compassion responds to the technological overload and ecological catastrophe of our troubled times.

The new album will be available on vinyl, CD and in digital formats. Tickets €15 / €12. Booking essential on 066 9478956.

For more info, see:

an article published recently  on the story of this constantly morphing project:

Have a look at their new WEBSITE:



Crowman‘ with Jon Kenny (D’Unbelievables)

Friday 3rd May 2019 8pm

The play received standing ovations every night during a run in Cork Midsummer festival at the Granary.
In it, Jon plays numerous characters but the primary one is Dan, a man in his 50s who is living alone. He is a loner and feels himself an outsider looking in on the community but he discovers during the play that he is not as much an outsider as he thinks.
When he hears about the passing of a dear friend, he is forced to look back on his own troubled youth and face up to his demons. The play is at times poignant and tragic but also has warmth and humour as Jon slips seamlessly in and out of the many uproariously funny characters.
The people he depicts are surreal and humerous but tinged with tragedy and Jon plays each with his amazing ability of character acting and hilarious humour.

Set in a sparsely decorated kitchen, this intimate one-man show starring Jon Kenny ( D’Unbelievables) feels like a window into the soul of a lonely bachelor, Dan. A crow-hating man who noisily tries to shoo the blighted birds away, Dan measures out his life by the amount of funerals he has to attend every week. They are social occasions with the added bonus of refreshments.

Dan, who vacillates between high comedy by mimicking TV celebrity chefs; and pathetic admissions, including attending Mass just to connect with another human by shaking hands, is a master at distraction, But one day, hearing a death announcement on the radio. his world is shattered.
“Kenny is brilliant in the role, conveying the gamut of emotions. Katie Holly’s script is strong, conjuring up a life of quiet desperation.” Review of ‘Crowman’ by Colette Sheridan Irish Examiner

Tickets €20. Pre-booking advised on 066 9478956.



imageMeet The Puppets

Saturday June 15th / 3.45pm-4.30pm

Tech Amergin

This is your chance to meet the puppets from Innabubble Theatre Company’s brand new show ‘The Mergle’s Tale’, which will have just had its first performance this very day.

They will sing some songs from the show, tell you what the story is all about, answer questions about how it feels to be puppet actors in such a magical show, and tell you where you can see the show next. A few lucky volunteers might also get the chance of being a puppeteer. Places are limited so please book in advance. Booking on 066 9478956

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