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PowerPoint PresentationTortured Soles Exhibition

Tech Amergin Waterville 25th March – 18th April 2019

(open Monday to Friday 9 am – 3.30 pm)

Tortured Soles is a collection of un-wearable shoes and women’s delusions. Tilby’s stilettoes and platform shoes are laden with meat, perforated with spikes and sculpted in dung, critiquing today’s ever-higher heels which twist, strain and cripple,

Fact: 80% of foot surgery is performed on women in the U.S and U.K.

Tortured Soles sparks fresh debate on issues surrounding fashion, as well as women’s health and wellbeing.

Power to the feet!   Revise   Repackage   Reboot.


article from Irish Examiner 09th April 2019