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Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition


Waterville Cable Station Exhibition


The Story of Waterville Cable Station

Uncover the history of the Commercial Cable Company’s Trans-Atlantic European terminus from its early days in the 1880’s right through to the 1960’s. With cables to England,
The Azores, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Le Havre, Waterville was home to one of the largest cable stations in the world! 

Trans-Atlantic cable image


This permanent exhibition housed in the Tech Amergin, Community Education and Arts Centre in picturesque Waterville, Co Kerry tells the story of Waterville’s cable station through a series of interpretative panels covering
topics such as how the cables worked, the cable station during war time, and the impact the cable station had on the locality. It also comprises a collection of original equipment and artefacts, including a fascinating photographic archive.

Iveragh Lodge, original offices and Superintendent’s residence.



Waterville’s Longitude and Latitude Stone Returns

 Watch this space for further details of the Summer 2013 commemoration event to mark the return of the 1892 Longitude and Latitude Stone to Waterville Cable Station!!

It is hard to imagine today, that the small village of Waterville played an important role in international scientific measurements in the 1890’s!  In today’s age of Sat navs and GPS it is easy
to find out your longitude and latitude.  The challenge with the determination of longitude was the need to know the exact time difference to Greenwich.  This was determined by the use of
chronometers, but in the mid-late 1800’s experiments were carried out in which the telegraphic cables became part of the scientific methods used in these determinations.  International
co-operation was required with observers at various locations recording the transit of certain stars across the sky, followed by complicated calculations to reach a conclusion.  Waterville
Cable Station was one of the places whose longitude was determined!  A stone was erected marking the astronomical determination of the longitude of Waterville in 1892.  This stone was
removed from its position in the 1960’s but recently it has come to light (thanks to the kind donation of Mrs Rosemary Gillespie).  Now, 120 years after the determination of longitude,
it is restored and erected in Waterville Cable Station.

Find out more about the history of this at our Heritage Week talk and walking tour in August 2013.



For admission details and opening hours please contact the centre on

T: +353-66-9478956, E:



This project was funded by:

Tech Amergin, Kerry Education Service, The Heritage Council, Kerry County Council,  Intel Ireland Ltd, Michael J. Gass, J. G. Hewison, Joe C. Keating & Sons Ltd., Don O’Malley & Partners,  Dan Sugrue & Co. Ltd., Waterville Golf Club.

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