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The Woodland Walk

The Native Woodland Walk was planted in 2008 having been designed to demonstrate which trees would have been growing in this area many years ago.

Oak is one of the most successful of these trees despite the cold winds the oaks are growing well together.  Note how close we have planted them this allows them to care for each other and grow as a group withstanding the wind and salt from the Ocean.  

Crab Apple and Hazel both important trees for giving valuable harvest to our ancestors grow slowly and endure producing fruit and nuts when they can.

Whitethorn give us beautiful blossom in the Spring and bright red haws in the Autumn.

The Alders that fix nitrogen from the air feed all the other trees and manage well in the moist soil.

Will our Yew trees continue to grow for a thousand years like so many sacred Yews around Ireland?

Willow the “Sally” of this land that can grow wild wherever it’s seeds fall loves this land and will prosper and make arches, chairs and tunnels wherever we place it.

The yellow flowered Gorse is not a tree but an important shrub that provides valuable nectar for honey bees during the winter months.

Please walk around the Woodland Walk and breath in the energy of these young trees that are changing the nature of this area and growing into a New Community.


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