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The Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden has a large Willow dome as a centre piece.  This dome is tightly woven to provide a sheltered and mysterious place to play or hide if you care to play hide and seek with some children!

The Sun Ray beds around it are full of herbs and colourful flowers in the summer the Nasturtiums often explode out of them in July and August running across the paths with their beautiful trumpet shaped edible flowers.  These beds are high enough so that we do not have to bend to weed and tend them and are really suitable for anyone in a wheelchair to reach.

Please rub your hands across the Rosemary leaves and enjoy the wonderful aroma that this herb of remembrance shares with us.   You may eat a Strawberry or two if you come on the right day.

The Mint bed is not raised as Mint likes plenty of moisture and our raised beds quickly dry out in the strong winds from the sea.  We planted 20 different types of mint in this bed; compare their unusual scents, my favourite is Chocolate Mint of course.

The Ceramic village was created in Ceramic classes at Tech Amergin many of the pieces were produced in collaboration; the detail and colours are so beautiful and truly  inspiring.

The Bug Hotel is an important feature here in the Garden we want all creatures to find a haven in Waterville within the sound of the Atlantic Ocean at the head of Ballinskelligs Bay. 

The main sounds you hear in the Garden at the moment are the sound of the Ocean, the birds and the hum of the bees, from time to time we add wind chimes but not when storms are around.

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